Total Office Support Services was formed in 2001 to respond to the growing yearning by discerning organizations and individuals to shed the burdens of operational procurement and resourcing.

Our service efforts involve supplying office necessaries for business activities to function and progress uninterrupted.

TOSS is a 360° holistic office development and management company with special emphasis on office supplies which includes office consumables, office furniture, furnishing and fittings, office stationeries, equipment, tools, fixed and current assets, motor vehicles, machinery, lighting, cooling, heating, electricity generating systems, office peripherals, publications and others. We source/procure and supply these items and provide repair and maintenance service for them. We also (have the capacity to) provide a 100% management of resources for clients. We also provide logistics for movement of men and materials.

We establish, supply, maintain and modify.

13 Years of Office Support

Making the right choice when it comes to office tools and equipment is very essential. A conducive and convenient workplace not only contribute to well-being, it also reflects on the office productivity and motivates prospective employees. A suitable and dynamic work environment consist of sofas for common areas, stand-up/ reception desks, conference room tables of various sizes with matching  chairs , dry-erase boards, multi-purpose filing cabinets, and decorative art and not  basically furniture and other necessities like machineries, electrical items, cleaning materials, safety items, miscellaneous. For example, a well-stocked supply closet can enable you have the materials you need to do your job, while a lack of supplies can lead to frustration and time wastage. If you have a home office, you know how important it is to have what you need within arms reach so you can stay focused and productive without searching for a pen or sticky note.

And when your desk seem cluttered, don’t you feel desk organizer or a wireless keyboard and mouse will help? Seat cushion or laptop stand can also help improve your posture and comfort when you experience fatigue from standing or sitting for long periods.

We’ve got solutions to all your budgets on office supplies, we definitely got you covered! TOSS LTD stocks everything you need to run an office space from the starting of the organization to the day to day dispensation of activities. TOSS LTD is capable of revamping and re-establishing your organization through our provision of special office services like; office support services, logistics, recruitment, office spaces, work gear uniform, fixed assets and so on.


To emerge as a highly relevant company that provides seamless business operational requirements


To diligently offer and manage basic operational requirements and office inventories for organizations

To take the lead in delivering and maintaining office supplies - a service so central to the success of every modern organization and business venture. In other word, as long as it relates to office (facility, inventory, assets, supplies), we aim to and will be number one to provide a relevant support service that is central to the progress of any modern organization.

To keep organizational operational inventories cost-effective and very simple to process and possess.
To supply the right quality at the price in the right quantity at the right time. Our pricing (and profit) will be set reasonably low to attract and justify patronage by organizations as against doing it by themselves or fragmenting the efforts. We intend and must be a better option to use in the long run via cost-effectiveness and diligence.

To soften the grounds for organizations and business owners, operatives and executives in handling overheads, inventory, assets and supplies activities and pay less in the long run. To make life simple and easy for business owners and operators. To make procurements, logistics and management simple for organizations.

The maintenance of a list of accessible dealers, stock lists of the right office facilities, resources, items, as well as the service providers.